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The 2013 Merck Challenge, a 2-week hackathon, invited small teams to address medication adherence and patient engagement through innovative healthcare technology.

Mineral is a simple-to-use hardware and web-based software package that provides real-time feedback on medication compliance between patients, providers and insurers. The solution aims to address the rising cost of readmissions due to lackluster patient engagement.

The UI has been updated to reflect current iOS graphic standards and lessons learned in user interface development.

Role: Lead Designer

Status: Concept (2013)

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It's time to take your meds.

This is the message Mineral shares with its patients.  Mineral knows when it's time to take your meds, thanks in part to a smartphone-enabled medication dispenser.

The app enables patients to track their personal adherence, and lets them know how they're doing on their health journey.


Your adherence, gamified

Medication adherence is measured with a personalized "health score". The daily score (outer ring), and the monthly score (inner ring).

Medications are logged automatically - thanks to Mineral's Bluetooth-connected medication dispenser.


Reminding, not nagging

Mineral's UX combines text, email, video and phone chat to keep patients aware of their health status. To avoid a nagging interface, patients can set the frequency and format that work best for them.

Integrated with calendar and location services, Mineral can adjust its reminder schedule to send friendly reminders at just the right moment - when you're free from distraction and close to your meds.


Your medication history, spelled out

Mineral continues the tradition of the 'digital pillbox' - mapping prescription plans with a visual interface.

Missed medications can be tracked and reviewed, and physicians can provide medication context as needed.


Rewarding healthy habits

Mineral completes the patient feedback loop with a rewards program geared to maintain engagement. ‘Mineral Rewards’ engages patients who comply with their doctor-recommended medication plans with a range of incentives.

Reward options include discounts on medical insurance, lower copays at pharmacies and gift cards to large pharmacies and retailers.


Your patient is at risk of readmission

This is the message Mineral shares with its clinicians and providers.  Mineral knows when patients are delinquent on their meds, and reminds the healthcare team when intervention is necessary.

With Mineral, clinicians can engage in targeted discussions with patients to encourage better care management.

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Identifying at risk patients

The clinician-facing UI quickly identifies at-risk patients, to help care teams prioritize patient engagement.

Risk Patient Example@2x.png

What great health looks like

Physicians contact patients using the method of their choosing, and can share video stories to teach patients the importance of medication adherence.

Mineral Box.png

Mineral pill box

The Merck proposal included the design of a Bluetooth-enabled pill box that monitors medical adherence through specially-designed sensors.  The design included a bedside pill box (pictured left) and a portable clip-on version (pictured right)



Key takeaways

The two-week exploration was my first experience in medical product strategy and design.  The experience challenged my perceptions of people-centered design, and sparked come lingering questions on the state of healthcare.  These questions were explored deeper in my current position as a member of Eko.