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EARPIECE is a custom headphone accessory developed in concert with Eko DUO.

My goal was to elevate the traditional stethoscope while maintaining its familiar form. Replacing bent metal rods with custom-fabricated CNC metal gives EARPIECE a seamless design which is stronger, lighter, and easier to clean, and a patented audio assembly at the base delivers extraordinary low-frequency acoustics.

ID and Mechanical Engineering: Philip Goolkasian

Acoustic Engineering: Dan Wiggins

Manufacturing: Philip Goolkasian and Brian Clark

Status: FDA cleared and in production (2018)

Earpiece Sketch A.jpg

earpiece history C.jpg

Earbud shape and CMF explorations, 2016-2018


Optimal sound quality

After many failed attempts placing the audio drivers just outside the ears, great sound was achieved with a single-driver sound chamber at the base. Through multiple iterations and prototypes, I arrived at a design that matched the outer diameter of the tubing without compromising acoustic quality, CMF, and manufacturing tolerances.

EARPIECE Driver C.jpg

Built better

Physicians working 36 hour shifts need equipment built to keep up. EARPIECE’s design uses CNC machined metals and custom adhesives engineered to meet the demands of a challenging medical environment.

A specially-designed ergonomic spring and soft-seal silicone ear tips were specified to ensure comfort for all-day listening.

EARPIECE Ear Tip.jpg

Packaged to protect

EARPIECE’s packaging mirrors the design for DUO. This enabled Eko to ship EARPIECE and DUO as a set or as individual products. The white rigid box and black vacuum formed tray presents EARPIECE, and a lower foam tray holds additional ear tips to support a variety of ear sizes and shapes.

EARPIECE Packaging B.jpg