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DUO combines a digital stethoscope with a single-lead ECG, relaying Cardiology-grade biometrics to the Eko App (US Patent US20180256061A1).

The concept of the design was to create a device sophisticated enough for advanced Cardiology, but simple enough to operate out of the box. I approached this challenge by reducing the interface to one button, and unifying the sensor array behind a dark and durable coating (US Patent USD810944S1).

I love this particular project because it was a chance pull out all the stops - and lead the team from initial idea to final shipping. I approached the design with the same care and attention as any consumer electronic device, despite strict FDA and ISO requirements. And by managing the supply chain, the finished product reflects the same detail and quality as the original vision.

ID and Mechanical Engineering: Philip Goolkasian

EE / FW Engineering: Darius Mostowfi and Eugene Gershtein

Manufacturing: Philip Goolkasian and Brian Clark

Status: FDA cleared and in production (2018)

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Fast Company 2019 World Changing Ideas Finalist, Health and Wellness


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