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DUO combines a digital stethoscope with a single-lead ECG, relaying Cardiology-grade biometrics to the Eko App (US Patent US20180256061A1).

The concept of the design was to create a device sophisticated enough for advanced Cardiology, but simple enough to operate out of the box. I approached this challenge by reducing the interface to one button, and unifying the sensor array behind a dark and durable coating (US Patent USD810944S1).

I love this particular project because it was a chance pull out all the stops - and lead the team from initial idea to final shipping. I approached the design with the same care and attention as any consumer electronic device, despite strict FDA and ISO requirements. And by managing the supply chain, the finished product reflects the same detail and quality as the original vision.

ID and Mechanical Engineering: Philip Goolkasian

EE / FW Engineering: Darius Mostowfi and Eugene Gershtein

Manufacturing: Philip Goolkasian and Brian Clark

Status: FDA cleared and in production (2018)

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Fast Company 2019 World Changing Ideas Finalist, Health and Wellness


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Insights & Research

With the release of CORE, our team gained valuable insight into usefulness and usability of the analog stethoscope. What we discovered is that the greatest setback of the stethoscope is ergonomics. Physicians desired a product that could easily fit in a shirt pocket, with durability to withstand the tough environment of a medical center.

We collected feedback from customer reviews and shadowed clinical advisors to understand how the stethoscope of the future could function, and worked backward to achieve DUO’s conceptual form.

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 Concept Development

As a result of our customer insights I explored how a stethoscope could work as a handheld electronic device. Working with our engineering team, we identified an opportunity to use a 1mm thin microphone sensor and a 3.5mm audio port to replace the ordinarily voluminous air channel for acoustic transmission.

In order to prevent excess bulk, DUO’s enclosure is structural, functional, and aesthetic. The aluminum enclosure is specially-designed to resist impact and is thickened where appropriate for heat dissipation. The overall dimensions were selected using 3D prototyping and ergonomic tests, and follow golden ratio proportions.

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Design for Manufacture

Leading Eko’s supply chain was a tremendous learning experience and an opportunity to design alongside incredibly talented craftspeople. During this process, we designed a range of components in aluminum, steel, polycarbonate, and ABS - iteratively improving feasibility, cost, and scalability while maintaining the impact of the conceptual design and brand.

Working within strict FDA guidelines, all design decisions were carefully documented through drawings, specifications, assembly diagrams, and testing procedures. This ensured the first device off the assembly line was identical to the last.

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