CORE, 2nd generation

CORE II replaces its predecessor as the simplest solution for telemedicine. The attachment uses active noise cancelling and AI-analysis to deliver Cardiology-grade insights from an ordinary stethoscope (US Patent XXX). As the lead designer on the project, my goals were:

  • To improve the usability of the CORE product by addressing the unmet needs of our customers. Namely, more intelligent audio filtering, better power management, and substantially smaller volume and weight.

  • To significantly improve COGS, assembly efficiency, and product scalability.

  • To take on the design and material language of DUO and other Eko devices.

I approached this challenge by working directly with our engineers and supply chain to invent, reconfigure, and value-engineer CORE’s technology into the tightest possible volume. Strategic improvements, such as active noise canceling, one-way installation, and scratch-resistant materials were designed to create a best-in-class customer experience on par with Eko DUO.

Like its predecessor, CORE II is designed as a natural extension of the stethoscope, but the second generation product is 50.3% smaller volume, 37% lighter, and 47% lower COGS - enabling Eko to bring this technology to more customers than ever before.

ID: Philip Goolkasian

Mechanical Engineering: Philip Goolkasian and Dan Freschl

EE / FW Engineering: Darius Mostowfi and Eugene Gershtein

Manufacturing: Karl Larson, Dan Freschl, and Brian Clark

Status: FDA cleared and in production (2010)